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Artist Statement

Welcome! If you are reading this, perhaps you have seen something here that stirred you, maybe you have seen the old barn you’ve always wanted to explore, or maybe the clapboard church reminds you of Sunday picnics beneath the trees. Let your mind wander to the days when these buildings were a bustle, full of animals, men working and kids playing. These structures have beckoned me since I was young, inviting me to return, and commune with them. I’m at a stage in my creativity that is nostalgic. After years of documenting my discoveries and filling my sketchbooks, I have dedicated a body of work to these architectural icons.

When you look at one of my drawings I want you to escape into the world I’ve created, hearing the creaking of a rustic door, or a startled pigeon in the rafters or perhaps just the peaceful dusty smell of days gone by. With my landscapes, I enjoy creating a place for your eyes to take a walk down the river or a fence line to a distant grove of trees, or a path to a quiet place to sit and take it all in.

When I start to draw I have already spent a lot of time exploring my subject whether it be a barn, chapel, or snowy river canyon. I have noticed many details, touched every piece of wood, and stubbed out pencil after pencil to bring depth, dimension, and atmosphere to the scene. For me, every drawing is an adventure starting with the first mark and finishing several thousands of marks later with a complete view. Enjoy!

Sincerely, the artist, Christopher Brown