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Christopher Brown Art



Christopher Brown was born in Vermont; after 2 years of Lake Placid School of Art, he graduated with a BFA from SUNY Purchase, NY.  He has been drawing all his life; His passion for nature is expressed in his graphite drawings. As a printmaker he began with large paper pieces and has evolved to drawing on hand made birch wood panels.

His drawings are made with many pencil marks which are scratched, smudged, and sanded with bold darks combined with soft nuances. They are painterly in style.  Detailed enough to be photographic, they are indicative of our grand landscape; a wide range of old barns, flowering dogwoods and snowy river canyons reminiscent of places we’ve all been conjure emotions and imagination. His drawings are works which combine his love of drawing, woodworking, and nature.

He lives in Hailey Idaho where his studio is open for a visit to meet the artist and see the latest creations.



Artist Statement
Christoper Brown Art | Original Graphite Pencil |